Role Description

The Governors form a critical and integral part of the governance and the life of the Charterhouse.

The Governing body (known as the 'Assembly') is comprised of up to sixteen Governors and meets three times a year. Governors are allocated to one or more subcommittees including Care, Development, Heritage, Remuneration and Finance. These committees collectively manage the admission and well-being of the almshouse residents, the upkeep of the estate, and also oversee a significant endowment which provides financial support to the Charterhouse and Charterhouse School. Each Governor is allocated two or three Brothers and is encouraged to develop a direct and special relationship with each of them through active engagement and support, particularly in times of ill health. Governors find this a most fulfilling feature of their role.

Collectively the Governors are responsible for agreeing Charterhouse’s strategy, for overseeing its affairs and the good stewardship of its finances & resources, for monitoring, reviewing and evaluating its work, and for overseeing good governance throughout its activities.

In detail this includes the responsibility to:

  • Formulate and review the Charterhouse's strategic direction and plans for growth as part of its charitable objectives and obligations to regulatory authorities.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory bodies and guidelines such as, but not limited to, Care Quality Commission, Charities Commission, Health and Safety, Safeguarding.
  • Oversee continuous improvement in maintaining the highest standards of service.
  • Ensure that the Charterhouse maintains a strong and sustainable financial underpinning. This may include supporting the charity's fundraising and development work.
  • Uphold the Charterhouse's duty to preserve the fabric of its beautiful and architecturally significant heritage assets both now and for the future.
  • Act as informed and influential ambassadors for the Charterhouse.
  • Ensure the continued wellbeing of the Brothers.
  • Support and nurture the historic relationship between the Charterhouse and Charterhouse School as twin beneficiaries of Thomas Sutton's legacy.
  • Governors are expected to give significant time and energy to the role, not only in terms of attendance at the Assembly and committee meetings but also in preparing for meetings and in engaging with the life of the Charterhouse and, specifically, their assigned Brothers. The expected time commitment is approximately one day a month.

The position of Governor is not salaried but reasonable expenses are paid.